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Water Heater Fixing

When Geyser and Heater Professionals Need?

  • If your water heater tank is leaking, the water heater needs to be replaced.
  • Check the circuit breaker or fuse for the circuit that supplies electricity to the water heater
  • The circuit breaker may have to be reset, or the fuse replaced
  • If electricity is being supplied to the water heater, but there is no hot water
  • Locate the reset button, usually under the upper access panel on the side of the tank
  • Press it, and check if you have hot water after about 20 minutes
  • If you don't, or if you do, but it stops working again shortly afterwards, Switch ON your water heater. This may correct the problem. If this does not work, you may need to replace a thermostat or a heating element

Most of these require low-maintenance fixes, such as replacing a part. Others unfortunately require more high-maintenance repairs, such as flushing out your water heater or replacing it altogether.

Many hot water heater problems is an eroding sacrificial anode rod. This device protects a water heater’s interior lining by slowly dissolving and eliminating erosion by “sacrificing” itself in the place of the tank walls. When the corrosion of the rod is too great the tank lining starts to decay. This can result in either rust-colored water or an odor similar to rotten eggs. Since this is one of the most common water heater repairs, the sacrificial anode rod can be purchase from Geyser and Heater store.