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General Services

Geyser and Heater professionals in its quest to make the highest services high levels of customer satisfaction. This is expressed in our wide range of heater solutions, varying from small domestic to large industrial applications, as well as the technical support service that we offer.

Quality is a major factor in the services, We know the development and production of any water heater. Geyser and Heater is in the field of 18 years, We done advanced water heating products and technologies.

Water heater problems

Most hot water heater problems revolve around the following symptoms:

  • High pitched or low rumbling noises and leaks.
  • A lack of or inadequate hot water,
  • Rust-colored water,
  • A rotten egg-smelling odor,

Most of these require low-maintenance fixes, such as replacing a part. Others unfortunately require more high-maintenance repairs, such as flushing out your water heater or replacing it altogether.

Many hot water heater problems is an eroding sacrificial anode rod. This device protects a water heater’s interior lining by slowly dissolving and eliminating erosion by “sacrificing” itself in the place of the tank walls. When the corrosion of the rod is too great the tank lining starts to decay. This can result in either rust-colored water or an odor similar to rotten eggs. Since this is one of the most common water heater repairs, the sacrificial anode rod can be purchase from Geyser and Heater store.